Thursday, September 27, 2012

DefenseCode @ FSEC - FOI Security Symposium 2012

FSEC, Security Symposium ( held at Varazdin's FOI was the only proper information security event held this year in Croatia where IT security specialists could gather and discuss the latest trends in information security.

DefenseCode experts attended the symposium to present and share their findings and expertise on topics connected to information security.

The first keynote was given by American cryptographer and computer security specialist Bruce Schneier. DefenseCode's CEO Leon Juranic held a presentation concerning security product development. Delivering from his own firsthand experience in security software development, Juranic covered the development process and its different phases in IT security context concentrating on crucial details that may make or break the project.

Leon also covered more technical aspects of security software development and presented new DefenseCode products including the ThunderScan source code analyzer and the DefenseCode Web Scanner intended for blackbox security audits.

You can download the presentation at the following link: